American Executive Limousine & Transportation Services


What sets us apart from other car services?

Basic Transportation Service - Our services range from single vehicle/single client service, all the way to multiple vehicle convoys. We are also capable of providing van or bus service for large groups! Regardless of whether large or small, American Executive provides world class service for reasonable prices.

Protection Drivers - For those clients who require an added measure of security, we have partnered with Elite Investigation & Security Agency to provide Executive Protection Drivers to our clients who are in high visibility/high threat positions. Just another reason to choose American Executive!

Drivers with Clearance - Some clients who are in sensitive positions must take every precaution with the information with which they are entrusted. At American Executive, although we do not possess a facility clearance, we can provide a driver with the proper level security clearance and verifiable credentials to ensure a secure transport.


  • Executive Car Service
    Our skilled and courteous staff have been serving the D.C.
    area for over thirty years! Click on the Reservation button above to bring our experience and skills at your service!

  • We also offer Executive Protection Drivers!
    Be sure to ask how we are able to offer the added security and
    convenience of an Executive Protection Driver!

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